Hey all you peeps

August 9, 2008

Just checking in on this beautifulĀ  weekend, I’m here doing my hw and writing LOL. ok now today it was the 1st time i went ot the acemdy wars. Its was all so must spamming like crazy AAAAAAAA. IT was too much but I wish I could win it =p. I liek the mortal events i gets lots of tickets. My friend ichi was ksing all the people and was funny lol. alrights thats todays blogs enjoy and cya maybe tomorrow or whenever sv2 !!



CMs!!! oh and gms =p

August 8, 2008

todays i tried the general events. It was fun to see the old people from avalon, now they’re country guilds lol. I got some time to play so i went there, even for my lv i died fast so i didn’t get drop but either way was nice to see all the peeps I hope gms do events for lower lv so not only the celeĀ  can win but is fair like this one. ok cya cms take care ~

hoody there GMS and CMS

August 7, 2008

Just try to make this funny blog but i’m not good with computer. I hope it’s ok enough for event. I’m in 8th grade and play this game when i heard from it in beta but did not play until 1year later now i’m low lv in wyd but i like to make friends pm me on sv2 -teresa- ty:)

Hello world!

August 7, 2008

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